Marko Seršen
General Manager
I enjoy managing the company and working with colleagues, leading the way to success. I encourage positive energy among my team and the development of new business ideas in the company. I’m also well aware of the constant need to adapt to changes in the business environment, so I always strive for improvements and higher quality.
Anja Binter
Deputy CEO
Careful management of employees and a positive approach to work enable me to manage corporate finances efficiently and manage human resources. By developing individual competences, we encourage teamwork and affiliation and contribute to faster growth of the company.
Borut Kovač
Head of Maintenance Team
I’m responsible for the up-to-date and professional implementation of after-sales and maintenance activities for optimization of installed CHP devices. My long -term experience in CHP device maintenance helps me in delivering the best service in installation of CHP devices.
Maja Badovinac
Maja Badovinac
Head of Energy Contracting
Responsible for developing our network of business contacts I strive for increased presence of our company in the global markets. I manage ESCO / energy contracting projects and lead on marketing activities. I believe that CHP is the right technology to address the issue of fluctuating commercial energy costs as it offers solutions for escalating energy demand in the interim future.
Slaviša Stojanović
Head od sales
As the sales manager I believe that without the optimization of thermal and electricity, we can no longer function in the future, especially in technological processes, and therefore we strive to develop and implement a product that will satisfy the entire market in terms of covering the heat demand in industrial facilities. We strive to offer a competitive and technically advanced CHP device with comprehensive after-sales activities.
Tomaž Podkoritnik
Designer - technologist
With my many years of experience, I take care of the comprehensive development of CHP devices, taking into account all technical and environmental standards in order to provide the user with optimal results.
Anja Lapornik
Anja Lapornik
Business Secretary
Experience in administration and logistics enables me to contribute to the optimisation of business processes in our company. I think good accounting support is very important for customer satisfaction.
Aleš Rošer
Aleš Rošer
Production Manager
Workplace safety and proper use of work equipment are very important in production. With the proper approach and application of standards, I strive for optimal and successful production of CHP units.
Service Team
Our highly skilled technical team is responsible for servicing more than 120 CHP devices in the Slovenian market. The team consists of mechanical and electrical-engineering experts, who provide top-quality services in maintenance and management of cogeneration devices of various manufacturers and power every day of the year.
We are recognized for our short response times and rich experience in servicing CHP equipment and spare components.
+386 0820 50932
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