Our Services

We specialise for a wide range of services in setting up energy-efficient cogeneration systems.

At Energen, we provide our customers a cost-effective access to heat and power through installation of CHP units. We bring added value to our clients and partners in the form of a cost-effective and reliable energy system, which is also environmentally friendly. Energen energy solutions are tailored to our customers’ needs, bringing them turn-key solutions, improving operational processes and strengthening resilience for their organisations.

We use the ESCO Model, which is implemented through benefits of Energy Contracting (no CAPEX investment, guaranteed energy savings).

We pay great attention to after-sales services. Our highly skilled and experienced maintenance team is available 24/7. These technicians are certified engineering experts for maintenance of engines and CHP units from most international producers. We are also the official distributor for SenerTec Company in the Slovenian market.

We offer:
  • Energy audit and visibility study
  • Acquiring necessary documentation for application to public tenders (Slovenian Energy Agency)
  • Financing  through the ESCO Model
  • CHP installation and operation
  • Regular maintenance of CHP devices
  • Remote energy insight into individual usage and efficiency
  • Real-time monitoring of CHP production performance
“Our clients are advanced companies that are starting to use energy in new ways in order to improve reliability of operation, increase energy efficiency and reduce costs. By doing so, they significantly contribute towards flexibility and balance of the energy system, while at the same time increasing their competitive edge. ”

Anja Binter

Head of Energy Performance Contracting
+386 0820 50932
Energen, energetske storitve d.o.o.
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