Combined Heat and Power, also known as cogeneration, is the process of simultaneous transformation of fuel energy to produce heat and electricity. Electrical generator, normally fuelled by natural gas, is linked to the alternator in order to produce electricity. By converting fuel consumption energy into mechanical energy, a huge amount of heat is produced. In CHP, this heat is recovered from the engine and efficiently used in the process.

CHP is a highly efficient system, which delivers increase in energy savings and reduces energy use, while at the same time, bringing down the cost for the end user. Due to high efficiency of the CHP system, carbon emissions are much lower, too.

CHP installation is conducted without any interference in production processes.


CHP, also known as cogeneration, is the most efficient process of primary energy use. Heat and electricity are produced on-site, recovering the majority of heat created in the pr
We guarantee our customers a cost-effective supply of heat and power, without capital outlay and with control over the cost of installation (ESCO Model). Due to high efficiency of CHP systems, energy costs are significantly lower (up to 40%)
CHP units supply heat and power on-site, hence the generated energy is used immediately after production. This improves stability and resilience of our customers` own supply
Use of primary energy is much lower compared to traditional production. Consequently, carbon emissions and other GHG emissions (Co, SO2, NOX) are 30% lower

Projects, suitable for CHP installation

“With CHP installation, we make an important contribution towards flexibility of our energy system and improving the security of supply with low carbon energy.”

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